Solutions for apartment buildings

Future-proof solutions for Internet providers

Distribution of fibre optic connections in single and multi-family homes Fibre optic connections are on the advance.

However, the problem of the "last mile" often remains - how does the fast internet get from the basement to the flat? If empty conduits exist and can be used, fibre optic cables are laid there. But if there are no empty pipes and no renovation is in sight - what now?

We offer a simple and cost-effective solution - with technology we bring the gigabit directly into the flat. We use existing telephone cables or coaxial cables. Without drilling. Quickly installed.

The technology allows a solution for buildings of any size. The installation is fast and without downtime for the users.

Forwarding of a fibre optic connection in a single-family house

Compatible with any telephone and coaxial cable

fibre glass forwaring in private house


Routing of fibreglass connections in a multi-family house.

Compatible with any telephone and coax cable.

Scalable to any house size

Provider independend

fibre glass forwaring in mdu  house