Long Reach IP surveillance systems

Fast data transmission and power supply with very long range over all existing copper cables

Surveillance components (e.g. video cameras) are often installed in places that are difficult to reach, because they are supposed to perform their service safely from outside interference. Usually, the devices are equipped with an Ethernet RJ45 connection - this is used to transfer data and supply the devices with power at the same time.

G.hn Standard can also support you in this case, because it can transport data and power over a copper wire. And even further than is possible with conventional network cables: phone line with 1 wire pair up to 300 meters, phone line with 2 wire pairs and coax up to 600 meters.

Power can be supplied from a central location (G.hn GAM with Power Injector) or locally by the G.hn Client. In either case, the G.hn client provides RJ45 Ethernet ports required for the connection of end devices. The data can be transferred with Gigabit speed and the devices can be supplied with up to 30 Watt according to the PoE standard 802.3at/af.

The length of the Ethernet connection cable can be 100 meters. Together with the G.hn supply line, even distant monitoring devices can be securely connected. 

PoE products

G.hn with PoE for coax and phone