GIGA fast home networking, building networking and distribution of fibre optic connections via telephone/coax cable

Old coax/telephone cables = new GIGABIT network

New fast Internet connection in the basement of your private home? But no desire to re-lay the parquet and tear up walls to rewire?

Turn your old cables into a powerful network - with technology from GIGA Copper.

Solution for "behind FTTB"- GIGABIT on to your premis

After laying fiber optics in the building, the question always arises - how does the gigabit get to the end customer?

Rewiring is expensive and time-consuming.

We offer an inexpensive and quickly implementable solution with technology from GIGA Copper.

Internet for residential complexes without rewiring

Even large, historically grown residential complexes need fast Internet. The provider brings it right to the feed-in point.

But how should it be distributed if only telephone or coax cables are available?

We have an answer - with technology from GIGA Copper.