Old coax/telephone cables = new GIGABIT network

Even simpler, even more flexible and scalable - from 1.5 to 10GBit/s.

Who doesn't know the problem? You want to make your Internet connection available everywhere at home or network your existing computers, printers, TV sets, etc., but you don't have the necessary cabling and the powerline adapters and WLAN repeaters don't deliver what they promise.

We offer a simple solution for this - use existing telephone or coaxial cables for data transmission. Without the expense of laying new cables, you can achieve a comparable result - a very fast and stable network.

Our modems for coax or telephone lines for home networking (InHome) are very similar in application. Up to 16 modems can be connected to each other via coaxial or 2-wire telephone cables - both "star-shaped" and "in series". All devices share the available bandwidth of approx. 1500 Mbps.

With this bandwidth, even a gigabit fast FTTH fibre connection can be distributed throughout the house without loss. All typical requirements in the home network are met, even multiple parallel 4K and 8K video streams are no problem.


Our two devices for coaxial cables G4201C and G4204C are compatible with each other and can be combined in a network as desired.

When using coaxial cables, splitters, distributors, feed-through boxes, feed-in switches, SAT multi-switches, etc. can be used. SAT reception is always maintained, SAT unicable systems are supported.

Parallel use of cable TV (DVB-C) is also possible in the frequency range from 250MHz.

home network over coax

The two telephone modems G4201TM and G4202T are also compatible.

Cable clamps are sufficient when connecting the 2-wire telephone cables.

Again, the available network bandwidth of 1.5GBit/s is shared among all modems.

For connections over 100m, we recommend using the units in the master/client configuration. In this case, 4-wire operation is also supported.

home network over phone

In case the demand for total bandwidth is higher than 1500Mbit/s or if there are special requirements for the security of the network, the modems can be used as clients together with manageable G.hn switches G4200C or G4200-8T.

The switches provide up to 1500Mbit/s on each cable strand (6 for the G4200C and 8 for the G4200-8T). They have 10Gbit/s uplink and are VLAN capable.


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gigabit over multiple twisted pairs