In-house networking


Establish a gigabit fast network in your house or apartment via existing telephone and TV cables

Who doesn't know the problem - you want to make your Internet connection available everywhere at home or network your existing computers, printers, TV sets, etc., but the necessary cabling is missing?

It is often not possible to lay new network cables afterwards for various reasons. So one tries WiFi repeaters or powerline adapters - a solution that rarely works fast and stable enough.

The standard offers a simple solution - use existing telephone or coax cables for data transmission. Without any effort for laying new cables, you will achieve a comparable result - a very fast and stable network.

Depending on your needs, you can connect individual rooms or floors with each other or set up a local network throughout the entire house.

An almost classic application is the distribution of the Internet connection in a multi-storey building directly from the basement - simply use the existing telephone or TV cables instead of WiFi repeaters for data transmission to all floors. A local Gigabit network is also created in your house.