Internet for residential complexes

Best quality internet access for residents and guests throughout the building without rewiring

Even large, historically grown facilities need fast internet.

The provider brings it to the feed-in point.
But how is it to be distributed if only telephone or coaxial cables are available and Ethernet cable laying is either not possible at all or involves high costs?

With technology from GIGA Copper, both a house network and a network between buildings can be set up. In the buildings, coaxial cables or telephone cables can be used to connect the individual residential units or, in the case of a Wi-Fi network installation, to connect the Wi-Fi access points by cable. If required, a combination of telephone-based and coaxial cable-based network can also be used in the same building.

Even more: If a telephone-earth cable connection exists between the buildings, this can also be used for networking. By bundling several connections(link aggregation), the bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s and more can be achieved.

Gigabit über Telefon oder Koax für Wohnanlagen