Solutions for hotels and large WiFi networks


Internet access for guests in best quality in the whole building or on large areas

As in most buildings, hotels almost always have conventional telephone or coax cables, and often both are available. They are used to provide guests with a telephone and a TV set in their room - services that are relatively rarely in demand nowadays. The much more important Internet access, on the other hand, is often only offered in insufficient quality because the Ethernet cabling needed to connect WiFi infrastructure is missing or is limited to the bare essentials for cost reasons.

With technology, existing telephone and coax cables can be used much more efficiently - for data transfer at Gigabit speed!

Without great expenditure of time and money as well as disruptions in daily hotel operations, the solution can be set up to guarantee very good WiFi coverage and high transmission performance everywhere. If required, guests can also be offered wired LAN connections.


By the way, you don't have to do without the telephone and TV connections in the rooms. Analog telephone signals and digital TV channels can be transmitted in parallel to data on the same telephone and coax lines.

Of course this approach is not only suitable for (W)LAN networks in hotels. With the help of technology, large (W)LAN networks can be realized everywhere cheaply and quickly using existing telephone and coax cables. If required, the remote devices can also be supplied with power - over a distance of up to 600 meters.